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Site Rules

We read everything so please follow the rules and you'll have a good time!!


No offensive


Keep it clean in all our channels. You can report any infringements to our admins. We read everything so we will quickly delete and ban users who post offensive content. 


No spamming

You can use the forum to promote your project but we ask everyone to only post alpha once. When you have some new alpha or a new announcement, you can post again.


No advertising

Post content not ads.Think about the content that you're posting and why our users would like to read it. Make it as informational, exciting and enjoyable as possible. Links to websites and social channels are permitted but posts with only links will be deleted. 



Do not post about scams, fake projects or rug-pulls. This is a legitimate space where users discuss genuine projects. Anyone who posts scams in this forum will be banned. 



Crypto projects take an enormous amount of time to build and maintain. It's a real team effort and these teams genuinely need your support. So always remember that there are real people reading your messages and that you should encourage them.

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