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We accept project tokens, major altcoins & USDC

In Article Banner. $30 for 7 days

Website Wide Banners. $50 for 7 days

Forum Popup. $120 for  7 days

To book your ad, contact Koda:

Or email our team:

Wallets for Payment: 

Solana: BgzyqhTagtMcYMg6cmdfbY4GGTcCsPQCXX1sdrqUUChk

BNB: 0x97c19b270Ec30C1C1009B50c45dF82e766CF975d

ETH: 0x030d3e61e789751ad70BFfF4928aaED828B500B0

Skyscrapers. $30 for  7 days

For high quality custom ad banners, we use

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